Lewisburg Reiki Practice is committed to mentoring because we are committed to excellence as Reiki practitioners. We mentor because we love what we do and are firmly convinced of Reiki’s effectivity and multi-faceted benefits. We pursue the highest professional standards of Reiki service. We read and study… A LOT! We attend classes and seminars, always expanding our own skills as practitioners. These are areas in which we have come alongside mentees:


Achievement of Reiki Master Teacher (see Teaching/Class Offerings for details and pricing)


Private one to one mentoring $60 per hour:

Integration of Reiki touch into a Yoga Therapy program

Supplement, hone and augment individual Reiki practice and pursuit

Teach and practice effective talking points about Reiki

Develop training materials and resources


Each mentoring relationship is custom created for the individual. We meet you where you are and walk with you, to where you want to go.

What Makes a Good Mentor?

A cursory review of the literature suggests a variety of answers such as “A satisfied mentee.” “A strong sense of self”; “a good listener”; someone “offering support, encouragement and listening”; “a person who is willing to share of themselves;” “mentors try to unite the head and the heart”; “shares knowledge and wisdom and draws out the possibilities;” “it’s vision, voice and vocation – building a relationship;” or “someone who can offer advice to me on issues besides academic matters.”


Many people feel that being a mentor requires special skills, but mentors are simply people who have the qualities of good role models.


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