We provide a rational and anatomical explanation as to what Reiki is, how it works and how to use it.

Level 1 Certification
Focus:  Self-Care
“The energy of Every. Living. Thing.”

Class begins with our “Basics of Energy Theory” lecture, when students learn about energetic physiology and the energy pathways of the body. A foundational understanding of HOW the human body circulates energy is critical to understanding WHY Reiki is such a powerful tool. A great deal of “discovery learning” hands-on work happens next, where we begin to develop a working vocabulary about energy qualities: amplitude, texture, intensity, movement vs stagnation and so on. We learn the seven diagnostic sensations felt in the fingers/hands during treatment and what they mean. We then teach and practice numerous methods of self-care.

Class time: 4 to 5 hours, Tuition: $125.00

Materials Receipt: Proprietary Lewisburg Reiki Practice training manual, Reiju (attunement), Level 1 Certification, follow-up class, resource list, access to private Lewisburg Reiki Practice business FB group, access to LRP staff for questions, etc.

Level II Certification
Focus: Symbols
Becoming a “servant-helper”

Reiki Level II is a favorite class as Reiki training continues! The symbols are NOT “magical nor mysterious.” It is important to understand that in the Japanese culture, a complete idea or concept, is shown in a kanji, or… pictograph or…symbol! So, the Level II symbols depict a descriptive and functional idea about varying energy nuances and applications. The primary focus of this class is understanding, learning and completing a distance Reiki treatment. A real-time, real-issue session is conducted, with live phone calls to our person before and after session. We treat via distance, as precisely and accurately as we do in person. We have compiled an impressive library of documented results because… as distance/prayer requests come, we act, monitor and follow up for results. Level II curriculum is technical, detailed and challenging. Yet… it is… our most popular course and richly rewarding.

Class time: 4 to 5 hours, Tuition: $175.00

Materials Receipt: Proprietary Lewisburg Reiki Practice training manual, Reiju (attunement), Level 11 Certification, receive one Reiki Therapy session upon appointment, follow-up class, resource list, access to private Lewisburg Reiki Practice business FB group, opportunity to distance treat for help requests and to post results and access to LRP staff for questions, etc.

Level II Add-on
Focus: Hands-on training for giving an expert Reiki therapy session
How to set up a private practice

“Establishing a professional presence”

Massage tables are set up and we practice hands-on sessions from diagnostic techniques, treatment protocols, pre-and post session conversations and client note-taking. Resources and discussion materials include material sourcing and all things necessary for establishing a private practice.

Class time: 3 hours day AFTER Level 2 , Tuition: $50.00

Materials Receipt: Proprietary Lewisburg Reiki Practice training manual

Clinic Practicum
Focus: Volunteer training for the Cancer Clinic
“For it is in giving, that we receive…”

Specific treatment and interpersonal skills are required in order to care for our cancer warriors at the monthly clinic. We have designed a treatment protocol to address the emotional and physical needs of people in active cancer care. Every volunteer, every month, for every client… performs exactly the same treatment. The protocol is explained… WHY are we treating the way we do. The protocol is practiced and practiced. Vocabulary is refined, as are our behaviors. Every detail of their visit is carefully choreographed, planned and practiced. This service is a sacrificial act of love… demanding and yet… joy producing! “I KNOW that I benefit as much from this clinic as they do… I didn’t think I could do it, but through your thorough training and preparation, I can! And I love it! It means the world to me. They mean the world to me.” Spoken by one of our very first volunteers…

Class time: 3 hours, Tuition: $50.00

Materials Receipt: Clinic protocol notes and treatment diagram Cancer Clinic Certification

Reiki Master Teacher in Energy Methods
Focus: Excellence
“The need is great. We train hard.”

Purpose:To provide comprehensive instruction and clinical experience for practitioners seeking to attain Reiki Master Teacher Certification.

Five Element Theory
The 26 Safety Energy Locks
The three supplemental flows
Basics of CranioSacral therapy
Basics of Shiatsu and Meridian Stroking
Diagnostic skills
Two Master attunements
Theory and procedure for giving attunements
Compiling a resource library
Case studies and collaborative notes
Understanding Palliative and End of Life care
How to create, format and deliver Workshop Events
Reiki research methods
Creating and maintaining treatment notes

This program is offered annually from January through October.

1. MONTHLY On-Site (Lewisburg) Training:
Minimum 2 hours theory lecture 1 working clinical session of open diagnostic and treatment discussion
2. Required volunteer time at Cancer Care Clinic
3. One research project on approved topic of choice
4. One case study to be presented
5. Summary and commentary on a Reiki book of choice
6. Attendance at area Wellness Events if invited

Nancy Giuntini, Founder and Owner
Lewisburg Reiki Practice Master Teachers as selected
Guest instructors according to complementary course content

$1000.00 by 10 monthly payments of $100.00
Program scheduling and payment details are discussed at time of application.

Topic Specific Workshops
Focus: Refine your skills
“Learn more, DO more!”

Designed to ease the emotional stressors of fear, anxiety and worry while recharging the body’s energetic systems to provide relief from fatigue and overall malaise.

SPA: Stress/Panic/Anxiety
Utilizing effective and time-tested treatment to target the challenges of mental agitation, heart palpitations, chest/shoulder/upper back constriction and shallow, rapid breathing. Typical session results usually reflect slower cardiac and respiratory rates.

Digestive Tune-up
Focus is on establishing harmonious energy flow between the key digestive systems of Liver/Gallbladder and Stomach/Spleen. Robust digestive health is a pivotal point as all other organ systems are dependent upon the vigor and integrity of the digestive process.

Heart Health Tune-up
Focusing on the energy movement along four heart meridians (energy highways), treatment addresses not only the physical heart BUT the emotional health of the heart. Heart Health Tune-Up is important for people with a physical heart condition AND those struggling from “broken hearts” broken relationships, issues of belonging and past emotional trauma.

Immune System Strengthening/Regulation
Immunity is directly related to the season or time of year, so this protocol changes accordingly. Treatment supports the body to resiliently handle stressors brought on by the change in climate. Each season requires treatment of specific meridians and organ systems, which are prone to be compromised by climactic factors.

Focusing on lung function, treatment works key lung points to relieve lung constriction and breathing difficulties. Treatment focuses on the lungs, the lung meridian, upper back and general chest tightness felt in the ribs, muscles and fascia.

General Tune-up/Energy Boost
Treatment focuses on optimizing energy movement through all organ systems via work on three major energy flows, the brain and clearing/opening 10 important energy locks. The most time of any protocol is spent on the head in order to circulate fresh energy all the way down through the spine.

Arthritis Pain Management
Reiki therapy brings a fresh supply of oxygenated blood into inflamed and spasmed soft tissue resulting from bone spurs, joint deterioration and misalignment. Muscle releases are often felt as the energy penetrates stressed muscle fibers.

This is a whole-body treatment best utilized as part of a disciplined, consistent and comprehensive self-care program. All organ systems are accessed, toned and strengthened. This protocol is akin to taking an excellent multi vitamin!

Parent Tool Box!
Learn some time tested and kid-proven techniques to avoid or minimize wellness challenges throughout the school year – tummy trouble, respiratory issues, balky bedtimes, over-excitement, anxiety and focus.

Class time: 1.5 hour, Tuition: $25.00

Materials Receipt:Notes and diagrams